Selecting Process Elements

Process elements must be selected before they can be cut or copied. To select a process element, just click on any of its segments.

To select more than one process element involves a process called a shift-click. You click on the first process element you want to select, as before, then shift-click on each other process element you want to select.

To shift-click on a process element, point to it with the mouse cursor, press and hold the shift key, and click the mouse button. Release the shift key only after you have released the mouse button.

You may click (or shift-click) any segment of a process element - all segments of the process element are selected together. To deselect one selected process element, shift-click on any of its segments. To deselect all selected process elements, click on any segment of any selected process element.

If you do not have open the model you created earlier, start TeamFlow and open either your model or the IMF.TMF model that came in the TeamFlow distribution kit.

Using the vertical scroll bar, position the model in the worksheet window so the phase that begins with the "Ready to begin final phase" milestone is visible.

Click on the task "Tie up and drug Doctor".

The entire process element has been highlighted to show that it is selected. Now shift-click each of the other four process elements in that phase to select them.

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Last Update: October 24, 2005