Cutting and Pasting Process Elements

Another way of constructing a hierarchical process model is to move process elements from one worksheet to a lower-level worksheet. You may decide that your flat model is too complex or contains more detail than you want to show. TeamFlow allows you to very simply cut process elements and arrows off of one worksheet and paste them onto another worksheet in the same model or in another model.

After having constructed the flat IMF Mission model, Jim Phelps decides that showing the crucial detail of the final phase of the mission is unnecessary and perhaps unwise. He decides to move that information down to a detail-level worksheet and replace it with a single summary task. To do this, he will use the cut-and-paste feature of TeamFlow.

Cut-and-paste involves three distinct operations:

    Selecting the process elements to be cut or copied,
    Cutting or copying the selected process elements onto the clipboard, and
    Pasting the contents of the clipboard onto a worksheet.

We will go through each of these processes in order.

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Last Update: October 24, 2005