Lesson 2 - Creating a Complex Work Process Model

The fastest, surest way to kill a plan is to have one group develop the plan for another group to carry out. No one knows the strengths and weaknesses of the group that will have to carry out the plan better than they themselves do. No one is more qualified than they are to devise a plan that best plays to their strengths and avoids their weaknesses. No one who is terrified of heights is going to devise a plan in which he must cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope. He will find another way to get to the other side.

On a less practical scale, there is the matter of ownership. The group that develops a plan feels ownership towards it. It is their plan. They have a vested interest in its success. A group that did not develop the plan has no such sense of ownership. They have no such interest in the plan's success. Indeed, if there is a rivalry between the two groups, the second group might have a disinterest in the success of the plan, or in an extreme case, a real interest in the failure of the plan. This is the last thing a fledgling program needs!

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