Adding Process Flow Arrows

The model now shows a report followed by a task, but does not indicate whether there is any relationship between the two. Such relationships are denoted by process flow arrows that are used to indicate the flow of information through the process. Since there is information (the charge) flowing from The Secretary to Jim Phelps, you should add an arrow to the model going from the report to the task.

To add an arrow, position the mouse cursor over the process element from which the arrow is to begin (conventionally called the tail of the arrow) - in this case, the report "Charge to IMF". Press and hold the mouse button.

The process element will become highlighted.

Without releasing the mouse button, drag the cursor to the process element to which the arrow is to point (conventionally called the head of the arrow) - in this case, the task "Select Core Team members". A dashed line will appear linking the two process elements as shown.

Release the mouse button. An arrow will be drawn connecting the two process elements.

TeamFlow will automatically route all arrows on the worksheet to minimize the amount of clutter on the screen. This means if you add an arrow to an already crowded worksheet, TeamFlow may reroute existing arrows to accommodate the new arrow. If you move an entire column of process element segments by dragging their team field entry horizontally, all the arrows connecting those segments will move with them.

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Last Update: October 24, 2005