Building the Team

Initially, all Jim Phelps knows is that he has received a mission from The Secretary. Therefore he begins building his TeamFlow model by adding himself and The Secretary to the team. The first thing you always do with TeamFlow is to assemble your team. (Team first, Flow second - if it were the other way around, we would have called it FlowTeam).

TeamFlow stores all the information about potential team members in its Team Database, which is drawn in the left pane of the TeamView Worksheet as an organization chart. Members of the team field are drawn from the team database. A team member must be in the team database before it may be added to the team field. However, there may be team database members who are not selected as team members. This allows Jim Phelps to create a team database with all the members of his IMF that he may save and use from model to model. He then selects from the database only those members whose skills he needs for this particular mission's team.

The same team database member may appear in multiple TeamView worksheets in the same model. TeamFlow prevents the same team member from inadvertently being added more than once to the same team field. As the information about a member of the team database is revised, the changes are automatically reflected in all the places the member appears in the model.

For the purposes of this example, we will assume that Jim does not have a preexisting team database from which he can easily select his team members. Instead, we will follow along as he builds a new team database from scratch.

Open a new worksheet either by selecting New from the File menu, or by clicking the New Document tool button (the left-most button on the toolbar - it looks like a blank sheet of paper).

The new worksheet is created with one team member - appropriately named "The Team" - already in the Org Chart. This member, which forms the root of the organization structure may be renamed, but may not be deleted.

The Team Member information window, shown in the lower right of the diagram, automatically opens. This window is where you enter the text that describes the team members. This window contains seven data fields and five buttons. For now, we are only interested in the Name field.

Jim's first task is to add himself and The Secretary to the team database. To add a new member to the team database, position the mouse in the empty area below the root "The Team" entry in the Org Chart pane.

The status bar at the bottom of the window will say "Click here to add a new entry to the Team Database" when you are pointing at the right place. That is the status bar's job - it always tells you what will happen if you click the mouse at its current location. If nothing will happen, the default message is "For Help, click the '?' toolbar button".

Click the mouse button in the empty area below the root "The Team" entry in the Org Chart pane to add a new member to the org chart.

An unnamed member has been added subordinate to the root member. The text cursor has been set for you in the Name field of the Team Member Information window. Type the name "The Secretary" and click the Apply button. The new entry in the org chart is updated.

Now that The Secretary is in the org chart, he or she may be added to the Team Field of the deployment flowchart. To do this, simply grab the org chart entry (point to it, press and hold the mouse button) and drag it to the Team Field. Do not release the mouse button yet.

The dotted rectangle shown above indicates that the team member is being dragged to the team field. The status bar message reinforces that fact. Now release the mouse button.

The Secretary has been added to the Team Field. By default, the Team Field entry has been divided into two lines to shorten the width of the worksheet. This division takes place at the word boundary nearest the middle of the title. You may change this by right-clicking on the column you wish to change and selecting Column Width from the pop-up menu.

To add Jim Phelps, click the mouse in the blank space below "The Secretary" in the Org Chart. As before, a new entry will be added where you clicked and the text entry cursor will be positioned to the Name field in the Team Member Information window.

Type in the name "Jim Phelps" and click the Apply button. The org chart entry changes to reflect the new text.

Now drag Jim's entry to the team field as before. Position the mouse to the right of the Secretary's entry before releasing the mouse button.

We are temporarily through with the Team Member Information window. Close it by clicking the Close button in the lower right corner of the window.

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