The TeamFlow Tutorial

This tutorial will only take you 1 or 2 hours to complete.
At that time you will have done all of the operations necessary to create your own process flowcharts.

The TeamFlow X Tutorial is integrated into the TeamFlow X distribution package. Simply select Tutorial from the Help menu and follow along with TeamFlow X and the Tutorial open side-by-side on your screen.

The TeamFlow 9 Tutorial is available to you in three forms.

  • You may run the TeamFlow 9 Tutorial on-line from our web site. This requires that you stay connected to the web site during the entire time you are working with the tutorial. If that is what you wish to do, click here to begin the on-line tutorial.

  • The TeamFlow 9 Tutorial is provided as part of the TeamFlow 9 User's Manual which you may download here as a PDF file. Download the TeamFlow 9 User's Manual.

    You will need the Acrobat PDF Viewer that Adobe distributes at no charge to view the manual. You may download the Viewer from Adobe's web site at

  • You may download the entire TeamFlow 9 Tutorial onto your computer and run it from there. The download file is about 1.2MB in size.

    The download will place a file named in your web browser's Downloads directory. Windows XP knows how to open a ZIP file. Older systems must have WinZip installed. You may download a no-charge personal copy of WinZip from their web site:

    Inside the ZIP file is one file named tutorial.exe. This file is a self-extracting archive. Run it by double-clicking on it.

    The Extractor window allows you to specify where you want the Tutorial files installed. The default will place them in the default directory of the TeamFlow distribution package: "C:\Program Files\TeamFlow 9\Tutorial".

    Click the Unzip button to install the tutorial. When it completes, it will automatically start your default web browser and open the first page of the Tutorial. You should Bookmark this page in your browser for easy return to the tutorial at a later time.

    Click here to Download the TeamFlow 9 Tutorial.

 Last Update: November 4, 2009