Sample TeamFlow Process Maps

Sample TeamFlow process maps for The Process Approach to ISO-9001:2000, New Product Development, Equipment Repair Workflow, Hospital Discharge Process, Plant Relocation, and Special Education Evaluation are shown below.

Click on one of the sample process map links below to view a live TeamFlow process flowchart. These image were created by TeamFlow exactly as you see them. The samples will be automatically displayed in your browser by TeamFlow's exclusive Java Internet Viewer applet.

Team members are displayed across the top of the process map. Process steps are aligned vertically beneath the team member(s) who are participating in that step. Click on any team member or process step to see the detailed information stored for that object. Click the red question-mark "?" in the upper right corner of the image for Help. How to Read a TeamFlow Process Map.

In one simple picture you can see not only what work has to be done, but who will do the work and how information must flow between the various team members to get the work done on time and within your budget. Compare that to ordinary process flowchart programs which only show you a bunch of activities with lines connecting them.

TeamFlow is highly adaptable to any situation. These sample TeamFlow process flowcharts are intended to demonstrate some of the practical uses of the product. They are provided here as examples only. Your specific solution will differ based on the conditions specific to your application.

Using TeamFlow for Product Development Process Mapping
This model shows a typical cross-functional new product development process consisting of two nested flowcharts. The Task "Draft Marketing Plan" at the beginning of the second Phase of the project (just below the red dashed phase boundary) has a detail flowchart which describes the process for accomplishing this Task. Click on the Task and then click the Detail Worksheet hyperlink on the pop-up window to view this flowchart. Click on the up-arrow button in the upper right corner of the detail flowchart to return to the top-level flowchart.

Using TeamFlow to Implement The Process Approach to ISO-9001:2008
This process model is provided by Quality Management International Inc. of Centreville, VA. to present a sample of what TeamFlow can do for a company approaching an audit.

Using TeamFlow for Workflow Management
This is a sample equipment repair workflow model. The forms appear as shaded disk document icons which resemble a diskette. Click on a shaded diskette icon to view the form. In a production model, submitting a completed form would trigger a database entry and/or an e-mail or instant message to the appropriate next person in the workflow. A complete workflow system can be created with TeamFlow and a small amount of HTML and database programming on the site server.

Using TeamFlow for Hospital Process Mapping
Hospitals understand that everything they do is a process and that the stakes are very high on getting the process right every time. This is a sample of a hospital model for the process of discharging an HIV-positive patient.

Using TeamFlow to Plan a Plant Relocation
This model shows the detailed process of relocating a production plant. It is an example of using a TeamFlow process model as Corporate memory. A Vice-President of a large computer manufacturer told us, "We relocate one plant per year, yet every time we do it, it's the first time. Now, with TeamFlow, we start with everything we've learned in all our previous moves."

Using TeamFlow for Special Education Evaluation
Most states mandate a process for determining the needs of special education candidate students. This worksheet models this process as adopted by one Town.

 Last Update: November 4, 2009